Creating more than we consume

We are all consumers.  We are consumers of material things, of course, but we are also consumers of ideas.  Whenever we watch a movie, read a book, or play a game, we are consuming content.

Some of us take the time to actually create something new. New products, new ideas and solutions to challenges, new entertainment and content.  

Consuming content is a mostly passive activity.  Creating content takes quite a lot more effort and energy.  Being a creator can be frustrating and intimidating.  Coming up with new ideas and translating those ideas into a medium for others to enjoy can take a lot out of a person.  Presenting one’s creation to the public exposes one’s self to criticism and rejection.

Yet, being a creator is especially rewarding. Sharing the work that we have created and receiving feedback from a (hopefully appreciative) audience are rewards which are hard to quantify.  Creating compels us to innovate, to reach further and to develop our knowledge so that we may possess something which is worth showing others.  

I would even suggest that creating nourishes one’s soul.

Like most people, I generally consume vastly more than I create.  I have been working–slowly–at bringing that into better balance with my writing and entrepreneurial activities.

This website and the articles RaeLea and I write are an example; a manifestation of this desire to “create more than we consume”.  Sometimes our articles may miss the mark or even offend some of our readers.  We have been fortunate that any critical feedback we have received so far has been constructive and has originated from friends who are genuinely interested in supporting our endeavors.

RaeLea and I sincerely thank you, Dear Reader, for providing your feedback to us. Thank you for continuing to show your support in our humble quest to create more than we consume!

About Frank Hurt

A woman once told him, "Frank when you grow up you're going to be brilliant and handsome."

It turns out Frank's mother is pretty good at predicting the future. Almost as good as Frank is at writing his own bio in third-person perspective.


  1. Margaret says:

    I like this idea a lot. I’m going to internalize it! Good way to think about balancing the ebb and flow behind everything.

    Check me out…consuming this content, to be regurgitated in my everyday life 🙂

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