7 Tips to Help You Remember Your Dreams

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a great dream, only to wake up and quickly forget what you had just dreamt? It can be annoying to forget what may have been an exciting adventure, sensual romance, or intriguing mystery. As a creative person, losing that other-worldly dream sequence can mean losing a […]

3 Simple Tricks to Reaching Your Goals

Tis the season for goal setting! There is something about a new year that motivates us to self-improvement. Almost everyone makes a New Year’s resolution at some point in his or her lives. And almost everyone—sooner or later—breaks their resolutions. Why is it so damn difficult to achieve our goals? I struggled with that question […]

The Heritability of a Farmer’s Faith

I take pride in being a nonconformist, in bucking tradition to blaze my own trail. I believe it to be the hallmark of a man that he should endeavor to leave his own mark on the world. Even so, Time has a funny habit of reminding me that the apple doesn’t fall very far from […]

Perfectionism is the Enemy

It was just a couple years into my website development career when I began to recognize that my clients could be sorted into two camps:  those who prioritized pragmatism, and those who prioritized perfection. The more pragmatic clients embraced quick turnaround.  They knew that their websites were living creatures that should never remain stagnant. These […]

Small Stories, Big Impact

Storytelling isn’t just about entertaining audiences. Good storytelling connects with readers on an emotional level. This connection between the reader and writer can even compel readers to take action. The pairing of stories with a call-to-action is a well-established truism in the marketing world. The most effective advertisements and marketing campaigns use storytelling to engage […]

Back When I Was a Murderer

This must have been what it felt like to be God.  To have complete control. To end life on a whim.  I was nine years old when I experienced this power, and I wielded it to dreadful effect. I don’t think I was evil, even though my actions were certainly cruel.  I was just a […]

I Am Too Busy to Achieve My Goals

About a year ago, RaeLea and I met with our boss, who we contract with to provide wellsite geology and mudlogging services on drilling rigs in North Dakota’s oilfield. Kathy had just finished constructing a mammoth new headquarters for her business, and she offered to give us the grand tour before we convened in the […]

Winning the Lottery, but at What Price?

I remember distinctly the moment I realized that I possessed the power to win the lottery. All I needed to do was purchase a single ticket, and my accumulated quota of luck would be siphoned off in exchange for an immediate financial windfall. The Powerball was at record numbers (something like $400 Million), and the […]

How to Be Physically Fit without Wasting Time in a Gym

Strangers often stop me to ask (usually with an English accent), “Excuse me good sir, but I must observe that you are a specimen of the human physique. How often do you visit a gym to maintain such a fine figure?” Though that has never actually happened, if it did it would of course be […]

The Muse and The Monster

For me, being a writer is an ongoing conflict.  I have thankfully never suffered from a shortage of story concepts, and I have been blessed with something resembling raw talent for crafting plots and characters. Yet, assembling the various components into something fit for public consumption as a final product is where I struggle most. […]