There is no such thing as a bad day

There are several sayings which have entered our culture that are like nails on the chalkboard for me. I would have to say, “I’m having a bad day” ranks right up there in my top two. (Interchanging with “It is what it is,” but we’ll save that for another time).

I wouldn’t call my childhood “normal” by any means as there were some bumps along the way,  but overall, I would say I was quite happy. We experienced some family “medical drama” earlier with one of my brothers, so when my sister became ill with Leukemia, I knew she would beat it. There was no doubt in my mind as we had our quota of family health scares.

sun-landscapeThe glorious ignorance of youth.

It wasn’t until a week before my sister passed away, a little over two years after her diagnosis, that the stark reality came crashing down on my golden little world. We were going to lose her.

So, I came upon a little nugget of life wisdom early, if one can consider nineteen “early,”  and have stubbornly remained true to it for nearly two and a half decades. I have tried to make a point to pass this along to others when I hear them utter those words. I listen to the challenges they have, sympathize with them and then make the comment that any day that we are above ground should never be considered “a bad day.”

We might have a challenging day (or days), we may have days we wish we could do over. But since the day I lost Cindy, my sister, the young girl who was becoming my best friend, I have never had a bad day.

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When she’s not practicing her fake laughter in response to Frank’s jokes, RaeLea’s nose can often be found buried in a book. Not only is she a voracious reader, she is also capable of creating new content with peerless zeal.


  1. Munkeh Sister says:

    RaeLea, I passed it on to Frank, but in the event the squirrel brain syndrome over takes him, I’m passing a hug on to you.

  2. Wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t get your hug. Thank you, Little Sister! (I shall collect from Frank later – with interest!)

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