Scarcity vs Abundance

You know the type.  He’s the experienced tradesman who refuses to discuss his process out of fear that someone will copy him.  She’s the senior executive who guards her knowledge against junior executives like a jealous dragon hoards its treasure.

dragonThis scarcity mentality presumes that knowledge is precious and finite.  Scarcity usually leads to stagnation, as the knowledge hoarders are so focused on guarding their insights from others, they don’t make the effort at innovating and evolving.

Knowledge is indeed precious but it’s also abundant.

When you treat your knowledge to the abundance mentality by sharing what you have learned with others, you are rewarded in two significant ways.

Firstly, the appreciative apprentice often will have a unique perspective which will help you refine your techniques in a wider context than you could have seen on your own.

Second, you are forced to step up your game and explore advanced concepts. You will innovate to continue staying ahead of the masses.

That’s one of the reasons RaeLea and I started this website.  It’s not because we consider ourselves particularly wise (far from it!) but because we know that the more we educate and share, the more motivated we are to learn and evolve.

We want to help you grow as it inspires us to grow alongside you.

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A woman once told him, "Frank when you grow up you're going to be brilliant and handsome."

It turns out Frank's mother is pretty good at predicting the future. Almost as good as Frank is at writing his own bio in third-person perspective.

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