3 Simple Tricks to Reaching Your Goals

Tis the season for goal setting! There is something about a new year that motivates us to self-improvement. Almost everyone makes a New Year’s resolution at some point in his or her lives. And almost everyone—sooner or later—breaks their resolutions. Why is it so damn difficult to achieve our goals? I struggled with that question […]

The Heritability of a Farmer’s Faith

I take pride in being a nonconformist, in bucking tradition to blaze my own trail. I believe it to be the hallmark of a man that he should endeavor to leave his own mark on the world. Even so, Time has a funny habit of reminding me that the apple doesn’t fall very far from […]

Perfectionism is the Enemy

It was just a couple years into my website development career when I began to recognize that my clients could be sorted into two camps:  those who prioritized pragmatism, and those who prioritized perfection. The more pragmatic clients embraced quick turnaround.  They knew that their websites were living creatures that should never remain stagnant. These […]

Back When I Was a Murderer

This must have been what it felt like to be God.  To have complete control. To end life on a whim.  I was nine years old when I experienced this power, and I wielded it to dreadful effect. I don’t think I was evil, even though my actions were certainly cruel.  I was just a […]

I Am Too Busy to Achieve My Goals

About a year ago, RaeLea and I met with our boss, who we contract with to provide wellsite geology and mudlogging services on drilling rigs in North Dakota’s oilfield. Kathy had just finished constructing a mammoth new headquarters for her business, and she offered to give us the grand tour before we convened in the […]

Winning the Lottery, but at What Price?

I remember distinctly the moment I realized that I possessed the power to win the lottery. All I needed to do was purchase a single ticket, and my accumulated quota of luck would be siphoned off in exchange for an immediate financial windfall. The Powerball was at record numbers (something like $400 Million), and the […]

The Muse and The Monster

For me, being a writer is an ongoing conflict.  I have thankfully never suffered from a shortage of story concepts, and I have been blessed with something resembling raw talent for crafting plots and characters. Yet, assembling the various components into something fit for public consumption as a final product is where I struggle most. […]

Conversations with my Future Self

I talk to my Future Self almost every single day.  As a matter of fact, I have been talking to my Future Self regularly since early 2011. It has been less of a conversation and more of a monologue, with my Present Self writing to my Future Self.  You might be doing the same thing, […]

Is this trait blocking your creative success?

There is one personality trait above all others which I believe can be blamed most for lack of success among creative people.  I recognize this trait because it is a flaw I was afflicted with my entire life without even knowing it. Creative people tend to be a fountain of imagination.  Whether they are entrepreneurs […]

Old dog learns new tricks!

During the process of my personal evolution, I had begun an informal list of sayings or phrases I wanted to eliminate from my vocabulary. Though widely accepted and used by popular culture, I began to chafe at their negative connotation. So, “I’m too old for that!” has the dubious honor of joining “I’m having a […]