Taking care of the Inner Circle: an “Aha!” moment

I love “Aha!” moments. You know what I’m talking about; those sudden strokes of “genius” that fill us with excitement and make us giddy to share our moment of glory with others. I also love moments where introspection and self-awareness meet personal evolution. Where we have discovered something so satisfying and revelatory it changes the […]

My Persistent Passion for Entrepreneurship

Most of us have subjects we are passionate about.  When that passion develops relatively early in life and continues to be a passion as we develop our professional careers, that is what I call a Persistent Passion. I am fortunate to have at least two persistent passions in my life.  This is a chronicle of […]

Should we stop saying this phrase?

I am sure, at some point, you have had someone tell you: “It is what it is.” Maybe it was when you were bringing a problem to their attention, or expressing frustration with the status quo. This particular phrase invaded my vocabulary around the time I entered the corporate world. At first, it seemed to […]

I stole from a waitress

I had never possessed half-dollar coins in all my life.  Granted, at the time I had lived just thirteen or fourteen years.  When I saw the shiny nickel likeness of John F. Kennedy resting on the table unattended, I knew that was my chance to have them as my own. I might be remembering certain […]

Common childhood advice that is simply wrong

It’s not enough to just be good at the work you do.  You also need to cultivate the perception others have in your work. Perception matters, whether your aim is to educate prospective customers, woo your lover, or seek a promotion from your supervisor. Like so many others growing up in rural North Dakota, I […]