About RaeLea Hurt

When she’s not practicing her fake laughter in response to Frank’s jokes, RaeLea’s nose can often be found buried in a book. Not only is she a voracious reader, she is also capable of creating new content with peerless zeal.

Old dog learns new tricks!

During the process of my personal evolution, I had begun an informal list of sayings or phrases I wanted to eliminate from my vocabulary. Though widely accepted and used by popular culture, I began to chafe at their negative connotation. So, “I’m too old for that!” has the dubious honor of joining “I’m having a […]

Confessions of an addict

I have an addiction. Well, several of them, truth be told. However, we all have addictions or guilty little pleasures. Coffee, pastries and chocolate of any form are among some my beloved addictions. Pursuing the book aisle is one of my everlasting favorites. Be it a physical or virtual bookstore, it matters not. I will […]

Taking care of the Inner Circle: an “Aha!” moment

I love “Aha!” moments. You know what I’m talking about; those sudden strokes of “genius” that fill us with excitement and make us giddy to share our moment of glory with others. I also love moments where introspection and self-awareness meet personal evolution. Where we have discovered something so satisfying and revelatory it changes the […]

Should we stop saying this phrase?

I am sure, at some point, you have had someone tell you: “It is what it is.” Maybe it was when you were bringing a problem to their attention, or expressing frustration with the status quo. This particular phrase invaded my vocabulary around the time I entered the corporate world. At first, it seemed to […]

There is no such thing as a bad day

There are several sayings which have entered our culture that are like nails on the chalkboard for me. I would have to say, “I’m having a bad day” ranks right up there in my top two. (Interchanging with “It is what it is,” but we’ll save that for another time). I wouldn’t call my childhood […]