I stole from a waitress

I had never possessed half-dollar coins in all my life.  Granted, at the time I had lived just thirteen or fourteen years.  When I saw the shiny nickel likeness of John F. Kennedy resting on the table unattended, I knew that was my chance to have them as my own. I might be remembering certain […]

Common childhood advice that is simply wrong

It’s not enough to just be good at the work you do.  You also need to cultivate the perception others have in your work. Perception matters, whether your aim is to educate prospective customers, woo your lover, or seek a promotion from your supervisor. Like so many others growing up in rural North Dakota, I […]

How to win in the game of life

“I don’t remember where I was when I realized life was a game. The more seriously I took things, the harder the rules became.” –lyrics from “À Tout le Monde” by Megadeth. Life isn’t fair.  As my own means of coping (and flourishing) in this absurd world we live in, I have began, in recent […]

How I learned to trust my instinct

Everyone has regrets.  Anyone who says they have lived life without any regrets is either lying, they are not introspective, or they are a narcissistic sonofabitch. My greatest regrets in life have been when I ignored my instinct. Most of the time, these were professional decisions:  I allowed distractions to keep me from fully developing […]

Scarcity vs Abundance

You know the type.  He’s the experienced tradesman who refuses to discuss his process out of fear that someone will copy him.  She’s the senior executive who guards her knowledge against junior executives like a jealous dragon hoards its treasure. This scarcity mentality presumes that knowledge is precious and finite.  Scarcity usually leads to stagnation, […]