Conversations with my Future Self

I talk to my Future Self almost every single day.  As a matter of fact, I have been talking to my Future Self regularly since early 2011. It has been less of a conversation and more of a monologue, with my Present Self writing to my Future Self.  You might be doing the same thing, […]

The one you’ll wish you had not read

WARNING:  the following story should not be consumed by readers with strong gag reflexes.  As a matter of fact, this story should probably not be read by anybody. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I wish that I could tell you that this little tale is fiction. I am just going to come right out […]

What is the most important trait of a successful relationship?

A good friend of mine recently asked me, “What do you think is the most important trait of a successful relationship?” I answered right away, without thinking (because I all-too-often do talk before thinking), “Honesty.” Then I paused for a moment and corrected myself: “Showing appreciation for one another.” I cannot think of any better […]

Is this trait blocking your creative success?

There is one personality trait above all others which I believe can be blamed most for lack of success among creative people.  I recognize this trait because it is a flaw I was afflicted with my entire life without even knowing it. Creative people tend to be a fountain of imagination.  Whether they are entrepreneurs […]

Creating more than we consume

We are all consumers.  We are consumers of material things, of course, but we are also consumers of ideas.  Whenever we watch a movie, read a book, or play a game, we are consuming content. Some of us take the time to actually create something new. New products, new ideas and solutions to challenges, new […]

5 questions I ask myself each year

Now is when many of us set goals for the coming year.  Setting goals is easy.  Assessing ourselves–really holding that mirror up–is not so easy. These are five questions I ask myself every year: What did I accomplish this past year? What do I hope to accomplish this coming year? What do I wish to […]

Is your personal evolution “stuck in a rut”?

It is so exhilarating when we are making rapid progress towards our goals.  For some of us, that might mean steady weight loss as part of a diet and exercise program.  Or, it might be seeing our daily word count accumulate as we develop our writing skills. When we are making progress, it is easy […]

Our priorities are what we do, not the things we say we do

The old mechanic and his hammer

As a small business owner, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out pricing.  You want to be fair to the customer, competitive with the industry, and yet of course profitable to make it worth your while. This was a balance I struggled with and in some ways, never truly mastered. Where pricing was concerned, […]

My Persistent Passion for Entrepreneurship

Most of us have subjects we are passionate about.  When that passion develops relatively early in life and continues to be a passion as we develop our professional careers, that is what I call a Persistent Passion. I am fortunate to have at least two persistent passions in my life.  This is a chronicle of […]